About us

We are a professional services firm that focuses in providing standard/custom style Presentation Design in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi and more...

our vision

Slides24by7 is a niche presentation design and eLearning content development company in India. We understand how to find the right information to communicate clearly, how to use images and animation to create compelling visual stories, and how to get your points across in a memorable way.
We create presentations for everything from sales meetings to conferences, training rooms to webinars. We run training for presenters, storytellers, and slide creators. And we also use our visual storytelling skills to design eLearning and animations.
Presentation Design  |  Presentation Revamp  |  Device Based Presentation |  Infographics  |  Interative PDFs  |  Motion Graphics

Presentation Design Services

Presentation services are required for every businesses who firmly believe in innovation, and a presentation design company plays a pivotal role in helping such brands. Get your presentations transformed for a mesmerizing experience.

Interactive Touchscreen

We make Presentations for touch enabled Kiosks, Tabs, mobiles, Apple/Android/Other devices, Smartwatches and a lot more. We immaculately design PowerPoint presentation and interactive touchscreen solutions for shops, malls, events, hotels and experience centers.

Event Presentations

As a Presentation Design company, our knowledge of attending hundreds of events and seminars have led us to develop the best presentation services and solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is included in our service?

We have three styles of Presentation with different pricing. The common thing in all styles is:

  • Adjust colors, fonts and text sizes
  • Adjust alignment of text and elements
  • Spelling and quality check based on branding/suggestion/instructions provided

Do we provide image/clip-arts/icon/illustration in presentation?

All the three style of presentations – Standard or Creative or Designer – have an option to choose for “Re-Design” to provide graphic/image and all these are licensed images from stock library acquired/subscribed.

Why do same type of service had different pricing?

Our standard prices are most competitive as compared to other companies in the industry, at the same time if the work is required in less than 24-48 hours, we have to priorities your project and arrange team from different pool of resources so the prices vary, but we assure you the same high quality and professional slides.

What type of security and compliance we have?

We have strict data security measures. No graphic designers are allowed direct access to internet or emails or I/O devices. They are only allowed to browse the graphic libraries online or on shared network. Besides we have Microsoft Exchange security measures in place for outgoing emails which have emails rules which have checks, triggers and outgoing restrictions. Besides all in/out emails have 90 days retention for back track of any data security breach.

Our Expertise

Microsoft PowerPoint
Google Slides
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Animate/HTML5 (2D Animation)
Vyond, Toonly or similar 2D animation tools

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