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A dedicated team of highly experienced designers who will work for you 24×7 to make your presentation ideas a reality!

Corporate Solutions

We found that, on average, 25% of an employees time is spent designing PowerPoint presentations. This jumps to 30% to 50% for Consultants and Business Development Managers, and still they do not make the best of their presentations. The Marketing team needs company profiles, product or service presentations almost everyday. CEOs and CXOs need to present new business ideas and changes in industry to boards for decision making...and the list goes on

Do you know why?

  • Lack of training on how to us branding and its guidelines
  • Lack of visual thinking and designing
  • Insufficient or no repository of visual layouts and branding elements
  • Lack of professional tools and stock libraries
  • Lack of speed and knowledge of application
  • No knowledge of proofing and language tools

…and the list goes on.

Which is why we hire and train candidates with right aptitude in design and visual thinking so that you get the best.


Our solutions will benefit you with following:

  • Minimal presentation turnaround time
    You give us the idea or draft, we give you an engaging, visually enriching presentation within 24-96 hours, depending on requirement!
  • Zero cost and effort of running an in-house team
    Our experienced project design teams dedicated to your cause makes sure of a hassle-free and smooth experience integrated with your workflow.
  • Highly competitive pricing
    Have a quick market survey and you will know what we are saying!
  • Presentations that Click!
    We can confidently say from feedback that our presentation visuals easily click with the audiences. Be rest assured of a high recall rate and no more boring stuff!

What makes our Corporate Offerings Best in Industry?

Boost Productivity at a Fraction of the Cost

Why bust your time thinking about the correct font or color schemes to choose for the upcoming presentation?

  • Outsourcing non-core activities has been well known to increase productivity of central functions by more than 75%!
  • For a very comfortable monthly / yearly plan, you can get your very own design team to do the creative grind work – keeping your teams highly productive and your costs low!

Data Security & Confidentiality

We employ the latest technology, as well as strict in-house regulations relating to the movement of information.

  • No graphic designers are allowed direct access to internet or emails or I/O devices . They are only allowed to browse the graphic libraries online or on shared network.
  • Besides we have Microsoft Exchange security measures for outgoing emails having emails rules with checks, triggers and outgoing restrictions with 90 days retention policy for back track of any data security breach.

Get your own dedicated team of presentation and/or graphic designers

Why build presentations in-house when you can have your very own team of graphic designers?

Follow a simple process with your dedicated team

Dedicated Presentation Specialist
$ 1200 /month

  • Dedicated support throughout the month
  • Professional Presentation designer
  • Industry standard Computer systems with Licensed Softwares and IT Infrastructure
  • Completely online
  • Revisions handled within hours
  • Fixed slide-capacity each month (~500-750) (actual slides depends on the complexities of presentation designs)
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Enterprise data security

Dedicated Graphic Design Specialist
$ 1500 /month

  • Dedicated support throughout the month
  • Professional Graphic designer with experience in (PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign)
  • Industry standard Computer systems with Licensed Softwares and IT Infrastructure
  • Manager the priorities of your work
  • Manager working hours as per your business requirement
  • Revisions handled within hours
  • Completely Online
  • Enterprise data security

Dedicated Specialist Team
$ 3500 /month

  • Dedicated support throughout the month
  • Professional Team of 2 Presentation designers, 1 Graphic Designer, 1 Project Manager/Quality Analyst.
  • Industry standard Computer systems with Licensed Softwares and IT Infrastructure
  • Revisions handled within hours
  • Capacity to handle support for each month (~1500-2000)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Completely online
  • Enterprise data security

Please fill below form with your requirements of dedicated resources and our team will get back to you with best option. Feel free to write your questions in the message box for us to understand your requirements in best possible way.

    Make you and your colleagues’ lives much easier. Set up your own team today.

    By outsourcing your presentation and/or branding to Slides24by7, you’re getting better design, 24by7 support and you significantly improve the productivity of your employees who can utilise their time in your core business functions.