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Which style of presentation is ideal for me?

We have three style of presentation:

  • Corporate — If you choose Corporate style, we will follow your brand guidelines and templates to create a neat and professional slides with consistency in visual look. We also proof check your presentation for errors or spelling mistake.
  • Creative — If you choose Creative style, we will make your presentation with bold and vibrant colors that highlight your ideas and data with standard branding as per individual/corporate/branding guidelines.
  • Designer — If you choose Designer style, we will redesign your presentation with theme design enhancement as per individual/ corporate/ branding suggestions or recommendation.

We provide three different treatments as part of our presentation services for any of the three style mentioned above:

  • Fix-up — If you choose Fix-up, we make sure that everything on your slide is neat and follow the style you want or have in a guideline. The
  • Re-design — If you choose Re-design, we do creative treatment where we rearrange and design elements to best convey your message.
  • Re-draw — If you choose Re-draw, we will recreate the slides from a scan or image and do either Fix-up or Re-Design basis the requirement of the presentation.

We give you complete freedom to choose your presentation looks when you upload it, so that you are aware of output you are expecting.

When can I expect my slides?

When you choose your style of presentation and treatment you desire, you have to choose the timeline in which you want your slides back. We have four different timelines — 24 hours / 48 hours / 72 hours / 96 hours. Lets say, if you choose “Corporate Style >> Delivery within 24 hours”, make payment and submit your presentation by 3pm Tuesday, you will get your slides back before 3pm Wednesday and likewise for other timelines. While you book the slides with a delivery time, we recommend that you plan your project with additional time in hand for atleast 1-2 round of revisions on your first few orders as we need to get to know your style and preferences.

Our endeavor is to complete the project as soon as possible, so there can be possibility that even if you choose later timeline but you get the slides back early, but we cannot guarantee unless you have chosen the timeline as per your requirement while book the service.

Please note the following:

  1. The timelines for any project starts once you book the service, make the payment, send us the presentation.
  2. We expect the process to complete in maximum 1 hour else the timeline will shift till the time above process is not complete.
  3. We usually confirm in between 30-60 minutes for confirmed orders and count the timeline from your order making time.
  4. Upon confirmation we send the acceptable timeline for delivery as at times all our resources are occupied and the delivery is not possible, once you confirm the timeline we will deliver at the timeline agreed.
  5. In case you feel the timeline is not acceptable and share your own timeline, we will either accept basis our internal resourcing or cancel the order and return you credit voucher with that amount which will be valid for 1 year.
  6. In case you wish not to avail you credit voucher, we will refund the amount to your account.

How soon can I get my revisions done?

We do all revisions within 12 hours, unless it’s a project above 30 slides. As soon as you share the revisions we’ll make sure to communicate the timeline when you will receive your revised slides.

What are your working timings?

We understand that you may need support anytime, so we work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which means we provide you service anytime and from anywhere. But we would always recommend you to book your timelines in advance and in case of higher volume of work, a heads-up will always our life easy by arranging right number of resources for your project.

Can I change plans anytime I want?

Once you submit the order, make payment and submit your presentation, you can connect with us on phone +91965455667/8 or skype “Support@slides24x7.com” for discussion with reason of change in order. Depending on your requirement and feasibility at our end, we will recommend the order upgrade/downgrade.

Do I have the copyright of the info-graphics on my slides?

Yes, you have the copyrights of the presentations, graphics and info-graphics we design for you unless otherwise specified. You can use it however you like, however, stock imagery falls under certain restrictions and use of the same is not permissible elsewhere .

Can I use Slides24by7 with dedicated support for company?

Absolutely, if you wish to engage Slides24by7 designers on FTE mode, please reach out to us at corporate.support@slides24by7.com and share with us your requirement and we will get back to you with necessary arrangements or discussion on how to operate. Alternatively, you can visit our Corporate Support section and fill out the requirement form and we will connect with you.

Our Skills

Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Animate/HTML5 (2D Animation)
Vyond, Toonly or similar 2D animation tools

WOW is the word I would like to describe their work with. Everytime I share slides with them they surprise me with great looking visuals and layouts. I simply love their work and their support team. They understand every minor details of the projects and share ZD output.

Kapil Nagi

Correspondent Banking & Product Development (Al Mulla Exchange - Kuwait)

I have found their services very useful, especially when I needed the presentation within 24 hours. Their delivery processes are professionally created, and I was notified at different stages of my project. The quality of the document was of highest standards and even the turnaround time of changes were managed quickly. I personally recommend their services for the top-level executives and management consulting firms who need reliable services.

Debasish Das

Director (Humanlinks)

A professional marketing collateral and PPT presentation can turn out to be a make or break situation for the all types of companies and business roles. With Slides24by7, outsourced visual design team, convert a boring PPT into a vivid and interactive multimedia presentation in really short time.

Stephan Chan

Chief Finance Officer (Super Seven Star)

Slides24by7 is highly professional team of presentation experts. Their services are very premium, quality is international standards and cost is very effective. I have personally used their Presentation Design Services for seminars, forums, internal meetings, lectures, and they have created great looking slides.

Gaurav Malhotra

Managing Director (Ikizia Advisors)

We have worked with some amazing companies around the world